Risks of eating Junk Food & Benefits of eating healthy food


Risks of eating Junk Food ,Benefits of eating healthy food, Reduce Weight Gain, Obesity , Avoid High Cholesterol, Strong Heart

Junk Food can cause weight gain, obesity, diabetes type 1 & 2 , High blood pressure, high cholesterol, blocked arteries, depression, diarrhea, heart attacks, infertility, thin dry air & untimely death. AVOID junk and unhealthy food for the sake of your body and for the sake of your loved ones.

Healthy Food boosts energy levels, improves skin, makes your immune system stronger, helps in weight loss, makes your hair healthy, betters digestion, and decreases risk of diabetes, heart attacks, cancer & osteoporosis.

Question yourself next time you feel like eating ..Are you being true to yourself and your body. Take care. Live Healthy & Live Happy

Healthy Food – Inspirations – Stay Healthy ~ Stay Happy ~ Health is true Wealth

<<<< Welcome Home to Good Health >>>>

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