Health Benefits of Black Pepper


Health Benefits of Black Pepper

Many people are ignorant about the numerous health benefits of black pepper. May contain potent antioxidant, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic properties. May contain iron, potassium, manganese, vitamin C and fiber in large quantities. However, beside these, it may contain other nutritional components.

Black pepper is known to improve digestion.

Consider 5gm of black pepper powder mixed in a cup of buttermilk in case of digestive problems and intestinal infections. Pepper may help stomach to produce hydrochloric acid which is needed to digest food. This prevents food staying in the stomach for a long time which ultimately cures flatulence and stomach irritations.

In case of anorexia (loss of appetite), a decoction of black pepper taken may help solving the problem by stimulating the taste buds.

In case of fever with chills, drink little warm water boiled with pepper seeds. It may reduce the high temperature.

Chewing the seeds, gargling with warm water boiled with the seeds, may relieve toothaches.

A decoction of black pepper taken twice a day may help constipation.

Sucking few pepper corns may provide relief from throat irritations and dry cough

A decoction of black pepper taken twice a day may help common cold and cough.

May promote proper urination and sweating that helps get rid of harmful toxins from the body.

In case of minor cuts, sprinkle little black pepper powder on the area. May stop bleeding and its antibacterial properties promote immediate healing by killing the germs.

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