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If you are wanting to lose weight try replacing those chips, cokes and candy bars with fresh or dried fruit snacks. Fruit is low calorie, low fat and has lots of fiber. You just can’t beat the fruit health benefits you can receive by just changing your diet to NATURAL foods

One great way to take advantage of all the fruit health benefits is of course by juicing. Many people have switched from all the sugar and calorie filled junk food drinks to fresh fruit juice. Most say they can feel the difference in just a matter of days. Those who stick with it even start seeing a weight reduction.

Take fruit with you – There are many fruits like apples, oranges, pears, etc., that are very easy to carry with you to munch on during the day. You could even used the dried varieties for a healthy snack.

Keep fruit close at hand – When you are watching television or sitting at the computer, instead of having a lot of unhealthy bags of chips or bars of sweets to reach out for, have some cut up pieces of fruit in a bowl close at hand

Don’t forget the great juice benefits. Though you may lose some of the fiber, fruit juice is full of the same great nutrients found in the body of the fruit and it makes it so easy. A small 8 ounce glass of fruit juice gives you the same fruit health benefits as 2 servings of fruit
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