Here are few tips on how to keep your “V” healthy and happy …..

 few tips on how to keep your "V" healthy ,discharge,infection,

Not a story to tell#Not a Gossip#Its about “V”

I wanna share something which we don’t freely talks about, but a few of us can confess to having problems down under. Whether it’s itchiness, unfamiliar discharge, or even an infection, we suffer in silence because we r shy to share or discuss with anyone…

Here are few tips on how to keep your “V” healthy and happy …..
1. Use only water or mild soap to wash down there. If we use harsh soaps and other cleansers / perfumes on it, it’ll disrupt this ecosystem, which will lead to growth of the bad bacteria and eventually cause several infections ..

2.Changing our pads or tampons often. We should change our pads every 4 to 6 hours, that would help avoid bacterial growth or should consider using menstrual cups like Moon cup or Diva cup, which are more environmentally-friendly and hygienic. 

3. Always keep vagaina dry.Bacteria thrive in moist, dark environments, so if you wash but leave it wet, you’re just allowing harmful bacteria to grow. 

4.After swimming, or even working out, try not to stay in your wet undies for too long.

5. Doctors recommend peeing immediately after sexual intercourse to prevent bacteria from getting into your urethra. 

6. Many of us douche because we claim to feel cleaner after. However, this could not be further from the truth. Washing and spraying water into your vagina in an effort to clean it with commercial douches may make you feel cleaner, but it’s actually screwing up the good and bad bacterial balance in your vaginal area.

7. If our discharge smells bad, see a doctor instead of using perfume. Bad odor from our vagina usually means you’ve got an infection of some sort. If this occurs, you should talk to a gynecologist about it.

8.100% cotton underwear have better air circulation than underwear made with other materials. Good air circulation keeps your vulva dry, which means the chances of bad bacteria breeding are smaller.
I hope these tips helps you to keep your “V” happy.

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