Onions placed on foot soles can relieve flu, cough, cold :


Onions placed on foot soles can relieve flu, cough, coldOnions placed on foot soles can relieve flu, cough, cold :

Along the way in researching remedies I ran across information regarding onions being used to reduce fever and take away symptoms commonly associated with flu and colds. Onions sliced and placed in wool or cotton socks and applied to the feet. It also recommended sliced onions in a bowl by the bed. It is believed that the onions have the capacity to draw out the fever. It really sounded too simple. I have used many natural methods for illnesses, but this one seemed to boarder on just plain weird.

I have two teenage children. There was, as always, an illness going through their high school and they came down with it. By the second day they were too sick to take anything by mouth. Anything taken
would come back up. I could not use the herbal remedies I normally use. This illness was so intense those infected were bed ridden for a week or more. I was very concerned. The exact type of onion is not mentioned in the research material. Since this is an old Native American recipe, I went with the type of onion that has been available for hundreds of years. The basic yellow onion from an organic source.
Being a practitioner of natural health and naturopathy, my children have endured what some would consider very unusual therapies, if not malodorous and unpleasant tasting. I have received many objections to my natural remedies from my family. The sliced onions on the feet in socks and in a dish in the room elevated their objections to unforeseen heights. I would compare their reaction to holding garlic up to a vampire. My daughter flat refused. My son however gave in to my request. Thank goodness he has an XBOX I can use for leverage.

I sliced the onions to less than a quarter of an inch thick, and used enough onion to cover the bottom of the feet completely tucked snugly in cotton socks. Half of a medium sliced onion in a dish was placed on the side of the bed. I was amazed to find that after about eight to ten hours the onions in the socks on his feet had dried out significantly. When the onions were drier I replaced them with fresh ones.
The first day passed and the only thing we noticed was that the onions kept the cats out of his room. The first night my son started to sweat rather heavily. The second day he had improved. His fever had gone down and the other symptoms had abated dramatically. He was able to eat lightly and get out of bed.

My daughter on the second day however was sicker than the day before. Her fever was higher and she could not eat or get out of bed. When she saw her brother (who was much sicker than she was to begin with) feeling better, she decided to try the onions. The same procedure was followed. The onions were applied to the feet in spite of the odor and placed by the bed. She seemed to start sweating almost within an hour of putting the onions in her socks. By the next morning she had improved.

Almost all those who are close in my children’s group of friends were sick with what appeared to be the same illness. The other children were sick at the same time as mine. Both my son and daughter were significantly better by the second and third day after symptoms began after the onions were used. The group of friends did not start to recover till after five full days of being in bed after the symptoms began. They were not fully recovered for about two weeks. My children seemed to be fully recovered by the fifth day.

I cannot prove in any capacity that the illness my children had was the same as others in the high school. I cannot make a comparison of the state of health or the strength of the immune systems of any of those who came down with this illness compared to my children. The common treatment for the other children were antibiotics, prescription cold medications and over the counter medicines. My children took nothing except having onions applied to their feet and onions in a bowl placed in their room, staying hydrated with plenty of filtered pure water, and an abundance of rest and sleep.

I can make no assumptions regarding this method of caring for colds and fever other than it may have assisted in shortening the duration of the illness. My children’s personal opinion was that the onions were a miracle cure. I am absolutely going to use this method the next time anyone in my family comes down with a cold or fever. I believe it is a testimonial to the great wisdom and acquired knowledge of Native Americans.

I wish to add here that if anyone is ill with serious symptoms of a cold or flu you should seek out good medical help. Onions should not be used as a replacement for medical care. The onions can be used with any medical recommendations. If my children had not started to recover so quickly I would have taken them right to the medical doctors office.

As for any possible negative effects using onions with medications, I have never heard of interactions between medications and onions. If I find any information I will let you know.

If you have an allergy to onions, this remedy is not for you.

- Patrice Malloy – Manchester Natural Health Examiner

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  1. weichieh says:

    Nice picture. Next time, try mashed garlic instead of onion. It cure cold even faster and you just bandage them in the center of your feet (curve inward), After about 2 hours, you will feel burning, then take them off. One time application cured my coughing. Maybe use onion and garlic both even better but I do not experience.

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