Tips to get rid of Acne -


Tips to get rid of Acne -

To avoid having acne flare up we need to stop the spread of bacteria.

1. Wash your hands more and touch your face less.
2. Clean your phone frequently. It touches your face all the time.
3. Change your pillow cases frequently. Product, dirt, oil and
skin accumulate on your pillow case when you sleep.
4. Don’t pick at your skin.

Do’s and Dont’s

Do not use products that dry your skin – it may be tempting to dry out your skin because it seems oily and you think the oil is making you break out but in actuality your skin getting oily is your body’s response to it being dry so further drying it out only makes it worse.

Do Hydrate more! Hydration is critical for stopping the cycle of break outs. A good lotion or cream will not make you break out. Drink water and use a moisturizer. Just make sure your moisturizer does not have any fragrances or colorants in it and minimize synthetic ingredients.

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