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Eat your way to the better completion with these skin super foods.

ALMONDS- almonds are seeds not nuts and they are stuffed with vitamin E. Acts like an antioxidant that helps protect skin cells from UV lights.
Green Tea- When it is hot the bionic brew releases catechins,a type of antioxidants with proven anti cancer properties .Help prevent skin cancer.

DARK CHOCOLATES – It’s a medicine so of course you need it. Contains antioxidants
which reduces roughness in the skin and protect against sun damage.

CARROTS- Think of them as Orange wonder wands,contains vitamin A .Good for clearing up
breakouts. Helps prevent the overproduction of cells in skin outer layer.

TOMATOES – Sure they’re swell on salads, but cook them down and these plump little beauties
can save your skin , Why ? Lycopene,photochemicals makes it red, help eliminate skin-aging free
radicals caused by UV rays.

Beauty Tips – Health Inspirations ~ Encouraging a Beautiful You!!!!

Welcome Home to a Healthy Life

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  1. kamini says:

    thnx a lot.there r so many helpful tips

  2. pramod kumar says:

    send better tips for my health care

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