How to take care of dry feet



footFoot sole and base of toe , dry, coarse, rough, chapped , Padadari in Ayurveda.

Foot sole and base of toe partly or whole when turns dry, coarse, rough, chapped & cracked is called Padadari in Ayurveda.

Signs & Symptoms-

Due to excessive walking without shoes or in winters causes Padadari due to vitiation of Vata. Feet turn dry, coarse, rough, cracked and sometimes painful due to fissures is called Padadari.
Simple treatment-
1. Dip the affected foot in Luke warm water for 15-20 minutes, dry it thoroughly and apply Til tail (sesame oil) on affected area.
2. Pre-melted Madhuchhishta (Bees wax)- 20 Gms., with Yavakshar (Lixivated ash of Hordeum vulgare)- 20 Gms., and Mustard oil- 20 Gms. together, mix thoroughly and apply on affected part or whole foot.Pathya(to follow) -
Wear proper socks. Keep oiling your lower limbs frequently.

Apathya (to avoid) -
Avoid walking bare foot especially in winters.

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