Benefits of Mint leaves


Benefit of Mint leaves Benefit of Mint leaves you should know-

Green, refreshing, aromatic are the three words that come to our mind when we think of mint . Beside being the power source of these essential nutrients this is what is magical leaves can do smile emoticon

1. Promotes Digestion — Mint leaves help to supports the digestive system activating the salivary glands and digestive enzymes. For best result (Use Mint tea).
2. Irritable bowel syndrome — effectively treat problem of Irritable vowel syndrome.
3. Asthma and other Respiratory disorder — helping relieving congestion of the respiratory tract.
4. Lower blood pressure — help to lower down the blood pressure
5. Promote oral health — fights bacteria responsible for causing cavities
6 Relieve Pain — To relax the muscle of your leg take a cup of Sea salt add olive oil about 1/3 cup and 6 to 8 drops peppermint essential oil. Now massage your feet with this mixture for 5 to 10 minutes and rinse off. This mixture is very effective for relieving muscular pain.
7. Treat Nausea — Feeling Nausea? Just smells of the aroma of peppermint essential oil or Mint leaves.
8. Effective for depression — A cup of Tea prepared with fresh green leaves of mint is all you need to keep the stress away.
9. Improve memory —- you can enhance your memory by just sniffing mint leaves
10 Prevent Cancer — The compound called Menthol present in mint leaves has the power to treat various type of cancer especially prostate cancer.
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