How to properly treat colds and flu.



How to properly treat colds and flu.

Rest is very important to get back as quickly, you have to sleep at least 8-9 hours a night, do not exercise and should eat plenty of fluids (non-alcoholic).

To take preventive vitamin C and do not take
antibiotics without a prescription from a doctor because it can do more harm.

To avoid drugs here are some natural remedies and effective:
- Garlic is one of the most effective natural flu consumed at each meal helps us to move faster disease.
- Onion is good and it made for cold syrup and drinking.
- Chopped ginger is used as tea with less sugar.
- Lemon is very good because it contains vitamin C and drink mixed with warm water and honey were sugar.
- Fresh fruit juice is also very good against colds.
To stop the disease from its beginning is good to make a hot shower for half an hour then to stay in bed for about an hour covered with a blanket.

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