How to Use Salt for Instant Migraine Relief


 Migraine ,headache home remedy,health tips How to Use Salt for Instant Migraine Relief

Being acquainted with migraines, I literally have used everything in the past to attempt to stop it.  Migraines are one of those things that simply ruin your life for the day. However, eventually, I did find a method that worked for me!  I am very happy I didn’t have to resort to conventional medicine.

When you use salt to relieve migraines, make sure to use high quality salt such as Himalayan crystal salt. It’s the most complete salt in the world. It contains 84 minerals, electrolytes and elements – a fascinating number considering that there are only 118 elements known to science. This salt helps reduce the severity of migraine headaches, strengthens the immune system, increases energy levels, balances serotonin levels in the bloodstream, restores the body’s alkaline and electrolyte balance and much more.

Also, this method is very easy.

Just take a glass of lemon juice with a high concentration of Himalayan crystal salt and drink it. It works like magic!

Source:  The Ultimate Healing System:

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4 Responses to How to Use Salt for Instant Migraine Relief

  1. nadine Lueras says:

    Is this migraine remedy safe for someone with chriosis???

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  3. Christine Laprise says:

    What are the measurements for the Glass of Lemon Juice and Himalayan crystal salt? How much of each?

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