4 habits may cause infertility in men



4 habits may cause infertility in men –

The living habits in they daily lives they seemed very good for the body. However, according to experts study the following habits that may cause infertility in men.

1 Use canned products

Few people know that behind the benefits of canned foods such as time savings, fast, delicious. cheaper, they also contain many hidden risks affect sexual function of men. In the canned product contains sodium but potassium is very low. This reduces blood flow to the genitals and prone to hypertension. Using too many canned foods can cause erectile dysfunction.

2 Use of artificial sweeteners

This is the main reason serotoin volume in the body is significantly reduced. It is a stimulant excitement, increased libido. Many artificial sweeteners in carbonated beverages, energy drinks .. Using too many products contain artificial sweeteners can cause headaches, depression, or directly affected emotions when making “sex”.

3 Cycling too long

This is a very good sport for health, including men and women. However, studies show that sitting on the bike too long in contact with the saddle will make “small boy” pinched in a long time. Heavier can cause swelling, affect sexual function of men.

4 Soft sofa sitting for long periods

Similarly when cycling, sitting too long on the soft sofa, it will seriously affect the development of the “little boy”. Sitting on soft chairs will make the fulcrum being low down in the back, legs will be removed. At the same time, “small boy” will “shortness of breath”, obstructing blood flow. This seriously affected the issue of sexual and reproductive men.

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