5 Benefits of Infused Water Versus Juice

5 Benefits of Infused Water Versus JuiceAre there any benefits of infusing fruits instead of simply squeezing them into water? Yes! In this post we use half an orange in each type of preparation for comparison.

1) Flavor. You would assume these two drinks would taste the same, but the difference is drastic. The infused water derives flavor from the rind and tastes bright and tangy, even after infusing for just 15 minutes. The juice, on the other hand, tastes watered down and plain.

2) Appearance. Let’s face it, the infused water is prettier than the juice, which is important because you eat and drink with your eyes. If a beverage looks colorful and healthy, you will be more inclined to drink it, which will help to keep you hydrated.

3) Calories. While fresh juice is nutritious, it is also packed with calories and natural sugars. Infused waters has far less calories because the fruit remains intact and you do not actually eat it. Also, less fruit is required make an infused water than to make a glass of fresh juice or a smoothie.

For instance, did you know that a standard glass of fresh squeezed orange juice contains the juice of 4 oranges or over 240 calories? On the other hand, three orange slices in an infused water only contributes 31 calories (but likely even less than that).

4) Preparation. I used to drink juice every day using a Green Star Juicer, but I stopped because it took too long to clean and I could not keep enough fresh produce around. With infused waters, I just look at what is in my fridge and improvise. A simple Lemon Infused Water takes seconds to make and can add immense flavor to your day.

5) Hydration. Staying hydrated is essential to staying healthy, and infused waters make staying hydrated easy. While fresh juice does provide hydration, it is a one time drink whereas you can drink a batch of infused water all day long, especially if you make a large pitcher.


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