With this mixture for 10 days only, you can remove the toughest wart!


home remedy for wartYou can remove warts from your hands, face, chest or neck with applying herbal preparations already for a couple of weeks of the treatments. They are pink growth that appear on the semi mucosa and skin. The cause is human papillomavirus, i.e. some of the 60 sub-types of this microorganism. -


Warts can grow everywhere: on the face, around the mount, the nose, the scalp and the forehead. The most often, warts appear on the hands, particularly in children. This infection can occur at the public beaches and at the swimming pools, with sexual contact, with using towels, toilets, bathroom or shoes that have come in contact with an infected person etc. The warts are caused by a virus infection, so the body develops resistance and due to the effects of the immune system they almost always disappear. But if they don’t, then they need to be healed


Soak some gauze in beer foam and cover the warts on the hands. Repeat the treatment daily until the warts disappear. This treatment can be used for all parts of the body that have warts.

Use a little stronger natural cure, if the wart is hardened.

Also sea water is an excellent cure for wart.

It has minerals, salt and iodine, that incorporate foster for wound recuperating and drying of warts. Press a little houseleek, put sea salt and leave it to melt. Take a bandage, soak and place it specifically on the wart. Hold for some time. It is important to repeat this treatment of seawater for at least 10 days for better results.

Source : www.cuisineandhealth.com

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