Sunshine Benefits for Your Body–


Sunshine Benefits,vitamin dSunshine Benefits for Your Body–

It is often the case that we are recommended to use sunscreen if we are going out somewhere and that we will be exposed to sunshine quite intensely. However, as it turns out, even sunshine actually has a lot of benefits for the skin. This is particularly true for morning sunshine which consists of vitamin D. So, what are the benefits that sunshine can offer for your skin? Well, here they are….

Quality Sleep

Of course, you do know that your sleep quantity and time are very important, don’t you? When it comes to sleeping, there is one very important hormone in charge, the melatonin hormone. Our body stops producing this particular hormone during the day and yet, when the night falls, the body will start producing the hormone again. However, the amount of the melatonin hormones produced by the body during the night depends hugely on how much sunshine the body has absorbed during the day. So, if you lack of sunshine, your body won’t be able to produce enough melatonin hormone and you are less likely to sleep well during the night.

Decreased Body Weight

One of the benefits you can get from sunshine, my friends, is weight loss. As mentioned earlier, sunshine helps you sleep well at night. Believe it or not, when you sleep well at night, you will be better able to control your body weight.

Healthy Bones

Sunshine is crucial for the production of vitamin D. This vitamin is essential for your body to be able to absorb calcium, resulting in healthier bones. Yes, you can also get vitamin D from elements other than sunshine, such as, salmons and dairy products. However, your body will produce vitamin D the easiest when sunshine hits your skin.

Disease Protection

According to a very recent study, if the body lacks of vitamin D, it will have a higher risk of being exposed to such diseases as cancer and heart attack. With that being said, it is clear how important this vitamin is for the body. Yes, you can get vitamin D from…

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