If You Go To Bed Hungry It Doesn’t Mean You Will Lose Weight!


 Lose Weigh,health tipsIt is already known that the first rule is not to eat anything after 20 pm because it remains to accrue and increases your fat, but new research shows exactly what and when you can eat, new research shows exactly what and when to eat if you don’t want to be hungry, and if you don’t want to  lose weight .

While you sleep, your body performs several things: regenerates and multiplies its cells digest food and doing many other biological processes that are essential for life.

All these processes require energy in the body, which the body takes the food brought in during the day and night.

If you ate foods rich in calories as chocolate or ice cream before, the sugar level in the blood is very rapidly growing, and the resulting energy is automatically stored in the body in the form of “fatty bags” – explains the Australian healthy life guru, Tim Robards.

Because of peaceful sleep, it is better a few hours before going to bed not to eat any food, because it will keep you awake.

However, if you eat at a time before taking a nap, then it is best to choose foods low in sugar and carbohydrates.

For restful sleep, it is better if you choose a protein and fat which comprises all cells in the body. –

Eat unprocessed foods that burn slowly deflated nutrients. That way you will not have any problem with any dream weight. – Suggests Dr. Robards.

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