Mistakes people make in the gym-



Mistakes people make in the gym-Mistakes people make in the gym-

Mistake 1: Having a lack of intensity
Working out at the gym is a decision that you have made. Don’t club it with other stuff like reading a magazine or watching TV.

Mistake 2: Wrongly estimating your calorie burn Often, the numbers on the machine can be wrongly read. Do not let that trick you into believing you have done too much or too little.

Mistake 3: Sticking to the same routine
Don’t go on doing the same workout all the time. Working out on autopilot is a no-no. Try and mix things up with a different set of exercises each day.

Mistake 4: Being too rushed
You’re not on a local train or running to do a errand, so slow down. Gym routines are commitments that need to be done with serious, unhurried motion.

Mistake 5: Just socializing, no exercise
Most times, people look at a gym workout like a time to catch up with friends. They chat, laugh and forget their concentration on the task at hand.

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