10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Dried Mangoes


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Did you ever think if dried mango slices would have any benefits? If not, then do so now; because they have a host of benefits! We all know that mangoes are one of the most loved fruits in the Asian countries and many other parts of the world. They are abundantly found in Asia, and there are many varieties that make mango indulgence during the season a favourite past time for many.

Apart from the orange, juicy ripe mango, the raw-green mango is also used for preparing different dishes including salads and pickles. Dried slices of mango have many nutrients and are used to add sweet and sour taste to various dishes, especially in the Asian countries.

So wondering how a dried mango slice can be beneficial? Read the post and know for yourself!

1. Strengthens Immune System:

Sliced dried mangoes are loaded with vitamin C, providing with around 80% of its daily requirement. Vitamin C is vital for the immune system as it boosts the strength of the immune system, thereby making your body strong enough to fight the onslaught of various infections and diseases. It also helps in promoting rapid healing of deep wounds.

2. Protects Against Cardiovascular Diseases:

Selenium is present in a good amount in sliced dried mangoes. Selenium has been known to prevent different types of cardiovascular diseases, including heart attack, hypertension, stroke and other similar diseases.

3. Protects Against Cancer:

Mango is rich in antioxidants, especially Phenols that are highly effective in fighting different types of cancer. In the past few decades, several researches have been made on the effectiveness of mango in preventing cancer. It has been found that the antioxidants present in the sliced dried mangoes are helpful in the elimination of free radicals that ultimately lead to cancer. These antioxidants prevent the free radicals from forming cancerous cells.

4. Helps In Losing Weight:

The sweet and sour taste of dried sliced mangoes comes with a great advantage. Despite being sweet, it does not add weight to your body, unlike the fresh ripe mangoes that are indeed loaded with calories do. The calorie and fat content in sliced dried mangoes are quite low and thus is the perfect fruit which you can include in your regular diet. It works well for those who have a sweet tooth, but want to restrict calorie intake.

5. Promotes Digestion:

Fibres are very much important for digestion as they work like a broom cleaning all the toxins in the intestine. Dried sliced mangoes are packed with lots of fibre that aids in improving digestion and in preventing several digestive problems. Fiber in the mango slice ensures proper bowel movement, making the overall digestion process smooth.

6. Maintains Teeth And Bones:

Calcium is present in a good amount in dried mangoes, which helps in maintaining the health of the teeth and strengthens the bones. You can thus include a slice of dried mango every day to boost your calcium supply.

7. Rich Source Of Vitamin A:

Dried mango slice is packed with lots of Vitamin A and provides 20 percent of the daily requirement. Vitamin A is known to enhance the growth of cells, improve vision and boost the immune system.

8. Contributes Minerals:

Dried mango slice is not very rich in minerals; however, it does contribute to your daily mineral intake by providing with 2 % of iron in your daily consumption. Iron is very important for transporting oxygen to the blood and storing oxygen in the muscle tissues.

9. Promotes Memory:

Mangoes are beneficial to children who cannot concentrate on their studies. Dried slices of mangoes contain Glutamine acid, which is known to boost the memory levels by keeping the cells active.

10. Provides Carbohydrates:

Carbohydrate is essential for providing energy to the body. The sugar present in the dried sliced mango serves as a source of energy to the brain and ensures that it is functioning properly.

Try using naturally prepared dried mango slices or simply make them at home and preserve to get all the above benefits of the dried mango slice.

Did you ever use dried mango slices? How beneficial were they? Share with us in the comments section!


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