Flat tummy tips ~ Health Tips for the day


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Flat tummy tips ~ Health Tips for the day
1. Drink a glass of water before eating
2. Eat small meals
3. Eat Slowly
4. Do Cardio
5. Control serving sizes
6. Have a good posture
7. Swim
8. Strengthen your core
9. Eat less sweets
10. Exercise
11. Never skip breakfast
12. Drink lots of water
14. Sleep well
15. Cut down on alcohol
16. Cut down salt intake
17 Avoid stress
18. Cut out on fast food
19. Don’t starve
20. Eat veggies
21. Eat fruits
22. Eat fiber rich diet
23. Climb stairs
24. Do yoga
25. Stay Inspired.

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  1. Tony Jones says:

    What a blessing your pages are to those who follow the information you present.

    To those who choose to ignore, ( and there are some!!!) SHAME .

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